Between Watches Expertise SRL - 30 rue de l'enseignement - 1000 Brussels - BE 0567.585.206 operating under the name PASCAL KARP WATCHES EXPERTISE (PKWE) and the buyer and/or the seller and/or the depositor.
It has been agreed:

For the deposit to take place, the depositor must complete and sign the ad-hoc document numbered by Watches Expertise SRL.

Condition of the watch:
Either the watch is checked and tested immediately (without dismantling) and the amount of its revision estimated at the time of deposit.
Or the watch cannot be checked and tested immediately, a delay of 7 working days is necessary to establish the final price of the deposit.
Watches deposited at Watches Expertise SRL remain the property of the depositor until the moment of the sale.
The depositor can decide to recover them after having informed Watches Expertise SRL by email and by sms A period of 20 working days is to be expected for the recovery of the manufactured product(s).

Terminate the deposit:
If the depositor requests and receives a deposit and if he changes his mind, he will not be able to get back his deposit or his deposit.
Watches Expertise SRL reserves the right to decide to terminate the deposit, he will let you know by email, phone or sms.

Payment of the deposit to the depositor:
If Watches Expertise SRL receives a deposit or an option to buy the watch, it will inform the depositor immediately, who will not be able to recover his object because it is sold.
Watches Expertise SRL will inform the depositor of the sale and will commit itself to make a transfer at the latest 15 days after the sale.

In order for Watches Expertise SRL to purchase the item, the seller must complete and sign the numbered ad-hoc document of Watches Expertise SRL.

The final purchase price is equal to the price agreed upon between the seller and Watches Expertise SRL minus the eventual revision/repair costs incurred by Watches Expertise SRL.
Payment by Watches Expertise SRL will be made by bank transfer within 15 working days.
Watches Expertise SRL reserves the right to resell the object(s) at the price decided by Watches Expertise SRL.
Watches Expertise SRL understands that a sale is concluded as soon as a deposit has been made.

Any deposit given concludes the sale, the balance is to be paid within 30 days. Withdrawal automatically causes the loss of the deposit.

All our collection watches are archived, appraised, photographed, filmed and have been revised.
All used parts are replaced by original parts, subject to availability.
The warranty is for 2 years on the functioning.
The following are not covered by the warranty:

- An accident causing a shock.
- Incorrect handling.
- Negligence during a bath, shower or swim for non-waterproof watches or for those whose crown has not been properly screwed down.

Watches Expertise SRL will not pay any invoice established outside its workshop without its consent.
The buyer may nevertheless return the damaged watch at his own expense via an insured carrier such as UPS or FedEx.
A fixed price estimate of 100 euros, payable in advance, will be charged to the buyer The buyer will receive a detailed report from the watchmaker that will determine the responsibilities and the cost of the repair.

The buyer has a right of withdrawal of 14 days in accordance with the conditions set by the Consumer Protection Directive 2011/83/EU. In case of withdrawal, Watches Expertise will reimburse the sale price of the watch, excluding any shipping/insurance costs (both outward and return) and any commission charged by the payment organisation that processed the transaction. Furthermore, this right of withdrawal can only be applied if the watch is returned in its original condition (including the condition of its functioning with authentic parts), as evidenced by dated photos.

The general terms and conditions of sale are displayed at PKWE and printed on the back of all official documents in such a way that neither buyers, sellers nor depositors will be able to ignore them.
Leather straps ordered from the catalogue may differ slightly in colour and structure.
Watches purchased via the internet (website, platform or social networks) are displayed by default in a colour type (RGB) that is interpreted differently than the eye.

Watches purchased via the internet (website, platform or social networks) are displayed by default in a type of colour (RGB) which is interpreted differently from the eye.